We can all be visionaries

Visioning is my favourite topic to teach Entrepreneurs here in the Milton Keynes Entrepreneurial Spark Accelerator Hub. Why? Because it gives clarity, focus and ultimately a final destination to aim for.

Visioning is a snapshot of the success of a project at a particular time in the future. It’s essentially the destination you are aiming to get to whether 1, 3, 5 or 10 year’s time. Ari Weinzweig founded Zingerman’s in 1982 and his vision is used across the world to showcase that a vision isn’t just one sentence of meaningless words but it has feeling – it’s an experience in the future that you set now but you will know when you have reached it because you can feel it.

I decided to re-do my vision after hearing Ari’s because I needed to gain focus. I closed my eyes and imagined myself standing on the TED Talks stage with my heart beating fast, I couldn’t see the audience because the lights were so bright but I could hear them whispering, anticipating my first words. In my vision, I am the CEO of an Entrepreneurial Organisation that has hubs globally and this particular talk is on the ability to be a CEO and a Mum without judgement. Lucy-Rose Walker, CEO of Entrepreneurial Spark, recently asked me what my ‘why’ is – ‘why’ am I working for Entrepreneurial Spark? It’s because Entrepreneurial Spark aligns with my vision – we are inspiring and enabling social positive change through the action of Entrepreneuring.

You will be really surprised how easy it is to get your vision on paper if you just open your mind to the possibility that you can do anything you want – you just need to believe. One of my favourite books is The Secret because of its focus on The Law of Attraction – the idea that you can have anything you want as long as you ask for it and truly believe you can have it. Sounds a bit wishy washy but I challenge you to give it a go. Why not block that time in your diary now to write down your vision and start putting those SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time specific) goals in place to get you to it!

Top Visioning Tips:

1.       Clear time in your diary to get your creative juices flowing – find a quiet space and close your eyes.

2.       Work out which medium would be best to document your vision – you can write, record or video but the important thing is it is saved ready for you to go back to whenever you need to.

3.       Just #GoDo. Write or say whatever comes to mind and start building on it – remember my vision started with me on the TED Talks stage.

4.       You will need to build on your vision so make sure you store it in a safe place and give yourself time to go back over it. Work out the smaller goals to help you get to that e.g. I need to start doing smaller speaking engagements to build my reputation in the industry.

5.       Share with those you love and also your team if you have one. It’s important that the people closest to you know where you are heading and that they are on board.

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