The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster


Starting a business is hard. In fact it’s really hard and it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. Within my role at Entrepreneurial Spark I Enable a large number of Entrepreneurs on a monthly basis and one of the common themes I see crop up time and time again is trying to cope with the emotional ups and downs that come with being an Entrepreneur. We call it The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster.

I have been racking my brain trying to come up with ways to help my Entrepreneurs when they have those down moments. I often suggest looking at sites like to find out what personality type they are – this helps to work out their strengths and weaknesses and act accordingly. Have they got the personality that would react to an email really quickly and they need to work on sleeping on it before replying? Or are they quite sharp in their questionning which may come across as harsh to other personality types? Why don’t you give the quiz a go on 16personalities and see where you can exploit your strengths and work on your weaknesses? It could really help you manage your emotions in different situations and therefore make The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster ride that little more enjoyable.

I also find that a little inspiration can never harm and recently discovered a Podcast Series called How I Built This. It’s absolutely phenomenal. It has 33 episodes covering a wide range of successful Entrepreneurs such as Sara Blakely from Spanx, Kate Spade, Kendra Scott and many more. The podcasts follow their raw entrepreneurial journey – it isn’t shy in showing the ups and the downs, it’s incredibly inspiring and can certainly lift you up when you are having one of those Entrepreneurial downs. If the one thing you do today is listen to one of these podcasts (it’s actually quite hard just to listen to one as they are so addictive) then in my eyes you’ve had a productive day because you have invested in not just your business but yourself too. Go on…I dare you! Please find the How I Built This Podcast Series here.

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