Take time to celebrate


I enable a large number of Entrepreneurs in my role at Entrepreneurial Spark and time and time again I have to remind them to celebrate even the smallest of milestones. When you run your own company you are pulled in a number of directions – you have to make key decisions everyday whilst being thrown various curve balls to deal with time and time again.

I often don’t believe Entrepreneurs understand how much they are achieving on a day to day basis – especially those on our accelerator programmes.

Some move from early stage to scale-up quite rapidly where the only real difference is more complexity. With a scale-up you are doing more tasks in each area of the business. For example, moving from a one person company to managing a team of ten comes with numerous challenges. You have different personalities to manage, different work ethics and expectations. You usually have to go in blind too with no experience. Isn’t that in itself something to celebrate? Yes, I bet you have learnt the hard way – hired wrongly, not fired quick enough etc. But did you ever think that you would be running a company with a team of full timers? Probably only in your wildest dreams.

Nailing those big accounts, landing investment, moving into new markets, releasing new products – they are all reasons to celebrate because in most instances you probably had to learn the hard way to get you to such milestones. Just remember that what you achieve on a day to day basis others look on in awe.

As an Entrepreneur you are the only person that will give yourself a pat on the back so make sure you do…otherwise it’s going to be a long old journey. Work out what those milestones are and celebrate, even if the reward is super simple.

My message to you as someone who has been there and who now sees it everyday – well done. Well done for taking the leap you are braver than most will ever be but your rewards will be greater than most will ever receive.

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