I woke up this morning…

I burnt out in 2017 and it was last night, whilst having a drink with my colleague, that I realised this. I was so exhausted (even after a week off work for Christmas) and started to tear up. I was unhappy because I couldn’t change the things people wanted me to change. I was trying to be less caring because I thought that’s what people meant by telling me to give zero f**ks. I thought personal development meant improving my weaknesses, not embracing my strengths. I tried, for a year, to improve my weaknesses and it was exhausting. I’m 31 for goodness sake.

She told me to embrace the fact that I care and that’s who I am – she said that I’m perfect and she loves me the way I am. Is it ever a bad thing if you care too much? It made me feel empowered – I instantly felt a weight off my shoulders! 

Embracing my Carebear nickname at home is what 2018 is about – well actually embracing my strengths is what I’m doing this year! I’m driven, I’m ambitious, I’m freaking organised, I love to plan, I don’t like sticking to an extracurricular activity too long because I want to experience as many new things as possible, I’m great at my job, I’m a stickler for time, I love to keep things clean, I care about the people I see and interact with, I’m a great shooter in netball, I absolutely love dance music and the list goes on. 

My confidence has been knocked before and I got over it. Last year, it got knocked again. I love life even with the twists and turns it throws at us and I’m under no illusion that there are plenty more to come. But I’m going to embrace all the great about Jodie Hughes because I’m strong and that’s what is going to help me on that journey.

It’s January – the month to set new goals. Look over your goals and make sure they are empowering you – are you embracing the good in you rather than trying to change? Don’t be exhausted by the end of 2018 like I was in 2017. Enjoy your strengths because I sure as hell will be!

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