One of the Entrepreneurs I work with told me that in her investment exit plan it involves her and the hubbie moving back to the USA – she’s starting to get tired of the UK. I asked why – not because I took it personally but because I was genuinely interested as to why someone would, after building their life here, want to go back. She said it’s because in the USA people are so much more positive.

Last week I was in the USA for two weeks and I would have to agree with her. Although people are working incredibly hard (some two or three jobs) they still have a positive outlook on life. They are thankful for the life they have been given even if, tough at times. We met an Uber driver who worked two jobs everyday to put his son through university. During the weekdays he would work in operations at a water treatment plant and every evening and weekend he would drive. Yet, although working super hard he was positive because it allowed him to put his son through university (he had the added pressure of being a single dad). He took the positives from both roles – as an Uber driver, as an example, he meets people from all around the world and even secured his son an internship in Silicon Valley as a passenger loved his story!

What a difference in the UK right? Constant negativity – do we know how lucky we are? Of course life sometimes throws us lemons but instead of moaning why aren’t we making lemonade from them?

This is why I love Entrepreneurs – they have ups and downs in their journey but at least they are trying to make a difference in whatever field they are in. They see a problem and instead of moaning they do their best to make a change whether small or big. If we were all a little more entrepreneurial I think our nation would be that little more positive! It’s easy to moan, it’s hard to make change but if we don’t we will be stuck – we have one life so make sure you make an effort to be more positive because it will infect those around you and that can’t be a bad thing right?