Before I go to bed every night I thank the universe for all the great things that happened that day. I also thank the universe for tomorrow – if I have a presentation I always say thank you for it going well – it works (I’m not talking about higher spirits here either!)

I wouldn’t say I was ungrateful before but I definitely didn’t actively say thank you unless someone did something for me – usual behaviour right? It was when I read The Secret that I changed my mindset around this. I believe in The Law of Attraction – if we want something to happen we should put it out to the universe, as simply as saying it out loud or writing it down, and it happens. Why? Because when we think positively our behaviours emulate this. If you continually say something isn’t going to happen or you can’t do it, guess what? It probably won’t happen or you won’t be able to do it.

Every time I want a new job, as an example, I write myself an email congratulating me on the role including the salary I will receive – so far, it’s worked. When I put myself in a place where I am sending those positive vibes out I usually attract the right opportunities back.

So, how can you apply this concept to your entrepreneurial lives? Firstly, be grateful for the good things that are happening, be thankful for the mishaps that you can learn from and stop saying “I can’t”. It’s all about mindset – even if you think this is fluffy what’s actually the worst that could happen by giving it a go? That’s it…nothing. But guess what? Nothing is going to happen by not trying.

Mindset is what we focus on during sessions with our Entrepreneur Acceleration Managers on the NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator Programmes. We are all humans and naturally we put barriers in front of ourselves which stop us accelerating – “I’m not going to secure that deal because of x, y and z”. Applications are open now for our fully funded programmes; free office space in central city locations, coaching with awesome Acceleration Managers and don’t forget our network of experts! Apply now – what’s the worse that could happen? #PowerUp