Removing the fog

I wanted to write this during #WorldMentalHealthDay but ironically didn’t have the time and certainly wasn’t in the right headspace. It had been a couple of really tough weeks at work. I suffer with anxiety, like most of us, and my usual symptoms of completely over thinking a situation, grinding my teeth because of that and a headache that I can only describe as a fogged brain hit me. When in this situation it’s hard to pick myself up and get out of it – I find myself in a negative spiral.

Life is going to throw us lemons – unfortunately it’s something we can’t avoid. But fortunately those situations often lead to opportunity, new ways of thinking or doing and in no time at all you are back on track.

Until the next time the fog hits you.

I don’t know the severity of my anxiety but what I do know is that finding ways to help live with it is what’s really important. For me, it’s exercise. Since commuting back to London everyday I got out of my normal routine of swimming daily and playing netball weekly – it impacted me hugely.

It was a game of netball during those tough weeks that removed the fog and I felt great. We sometimes get stuck in our head and we need to find ways out. For me, it’s now finding a way to get regular exercise in the diary because it’s the cure – sometimes I wish a doctor just prescribed it to me to get me motivated to go. Why? Because I’m human and even if I feel crap and know the gym will help…I still don’t go!

So what’s the point of all this? Life is really fast and because of this we sometimes struggle with keeping going and staying positive. As an entrepreneur I have noticed even more so – it certainly can be lonely on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster, feeling you have noone to turn to. My advice? Find out what removes your fog and if it’s playing netball or an awesome Zumba class, I look forward to seeing you there!