Is the grass greener?


I wished for this. I wanted my 105 minute commute each morning and afternoon to instantly disappear. I wanted to spend more time with my husband as we are usually away from each other two to three nights per week. I wanted more time to spend in the garden so I could finally get the gardening done. Well this lockdown has certainly made all those “wants” come true. When you have time to think, it’s interesting to reflect on how much you actually subconsciously asked for – did you receive it? Is the grass greener on the other side?

I am not going to ram the Law of Attraction down your throat, although I am a true believer, but globally we have been forced to really think about what we want, what we already have and what changes we need to make – what messages are we putting out to the universe.

Everyday when I was sat on the train commuting into London, from Bedford, I was resentful because I wanted to have the opportunity to exercise more but was restricted with time – I already got up at 5.15am each morning. It took me about a week, when lockdown started, to realise that I now have the opportunity to exercise everyday – it’s just what I wanted. We were lucky enough to have already made a room into a small exercise space which I am hugely grateful for – whether it’s Yoga with Adriene most mornings, a spin session or a walk around our local park I am certainly getting the exercise I wished for. I appreciate not everyone has the space to have a dedicated room but everyone can put a yoga mat (or even a big towel if you don’t have) out in the lounge and do a quick session before everyone gets up. It’s about finding what is in your control and making it happen, even with the restrictions we find ourselves in. If it’s what you wanted, then make sure you take the time to make it happen. That is in your control!

Another symptom of being in London everyday was how exhausted I felt when I got back – I didn’t want to cook from scratch. Some of you may know that I love to cook, see my other website for gluten free recipes and restaurant reviews, but usually could only focus on this at the weekend. Cooking for me isn’t a chore, well most days it isn’t, but I use it as my creative outlet – I am an Achiever so cooking still gives me the opportunity to create something from scratch and have an outcome at the end. As much as I love other hobbies as well, I hate waste and having stuff for the sake of it, so cooking is great as I get to eat it afterwards! You may have already found the activity that you have wanted to do for ages – if not, work it out and give it a go. A guitar sat in the corner gathering dust (to my husbands annoyance)? Carve some time in the day to get playing again. Paints in the cupboard ready to be used? It’s now your time to become the next Van Gogh! Why? Because soonish this lockdown will be over and we will then want everything that we can actually have now.

I’m not saying there aren’t any restraints to having what you want everyday – kids running around while you are trying to work as an example (I salute all you parents juggling this right now!) but I don’t want you regretting not taking advantage of this time you wished for when the pandemic is over. Check out my blog ‘Contingency Plans’ – I think the message is probably outdated as I never imagined something like Covid-19 would happen but there’s a poem written by my Mum before she passed away called ‘Your Time’ – read it, reflect and make sure you use this time we have been given to your advantage – be thankful for what you have, rather than what you don’t.

Remember, stay at home.